Live status for whatsapp in portuguese

live status for whatsapp in portuguese

WhatsApp has said it won't store your messages on its servers once they are delivered, and the end-to-end encryption means that third parties can't read them.

But the supposed paycheck and the information was already proved fake on several fact-check websites, which did not stop the picture from going viral. WhatsApp is used for both internal and external communication, and politicians can even use it as a direct channel to voters, some posting in WhatsApp groups up to 30 times per day, or participating in close to 1,000 groups at once.

WhatsApp: The Widespread Use of WhatsApp in Political Campaigning in the Global South

Retrieved from http: On the other side of the spectrum, WhatsApp has also been influential in facilitating and mobilising political activity outside of the political parties' messaging:. Gerakan vice president Dominic Lau see below , said his party could receive a list of 8,000 members in his constituency from the paramilitary civil volunteer corps, containing their names, IC numbers and phone numbers.

It was common for aspirants to collect phone numbers and voter details of groups of men, women and youth that they met in the course of campaigns. Most experts say that if it is done before the actual campaign started in 15th August 2018 it should be considered as party database, therefore making it legal.

live status for whatsapp in portuguese

Multiple WhatsApp groups were created throughout the country and the platform became the main means of communication for the strikers. Coding Rights' research also found that far-right politicians are making use of WhatsApp more effectively than other members of the political spectrum:.

In Brazil, WhatsApp is used more often by far-right politicians than those from other parties, often to spread disinformation or misinformation or skew the issues being discussed.

This kind of monopolisation of messaging platforms could have major consequences for the democratic processes in these countries.

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Political campaigners disseminate photos, messages and calls to action via WhatsApp groups both large and small. This is also a reality in many other countries in the Global South. In Kenya, aspirants, especially fresh ones, understand the value of phone data in reaching potential voters.

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live status for whatsapp in portuguese

In the process, phone numbers and other voter information was collected. Their staff and supporters also joined many groups to gather political intelligence. Outdated information about increasing the numbers of group contacts from 256 to up to 10,000 was edited due to the fact that it might have worked only before the new system update. The research conducted by Tactical Tech and our partners over the last 18 months has confirmed that WhatsApp is now a primary means of delivery for political messaging in many countries in the Global South, with particularly strong penetration in rural communities where internet is accessed mostly via smartphones 1.