Joseph howe after confederations

Of course a dissolution would be better but that may come. Representations de la minorite parlementaire du Bas-Canada, a Lord Carnarvon, secretaire des colonies, au sujet de la Confeder- ation projetee des provinces de I'Amerique Britannique du Nord.

Nova Scotia entered Confederation reluctantly. Home Confederation Joseph Howe's Opposition. And it has become so without loss of individuality in the several and very diverse states which compose it, and without violence being done to their distinctive character and traditions.

Nova Scotia and Confederation

Howe conducted the first negociation alone, and was a party to the second, and had the proposition to surrender the revenues and government of Nova Scotia to the Cana- dians as the price of the guarantee been made, it would have been instantly rejected.

Legislative Council 1872, president of that body 1878-1901, Treasurer of the province 1877-78.

joseph howe after confederations

James Ridgway, Piccadilly. The new Imperial Review the new organ of the Conservatives, got up in opposition to the Saturday Reviler, as Bright called it has a long and excellent article on the Consolidation of the Empire.

Son of William Stairs, a famous Hali- fax merchant of the first half of the last century. Gait and Tilly and I suppose Archibald were yesterday engaged on a Finance Committee, from which we infer that in view of the increasing revenues of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick both Tilly and Tupper feel the necessity for having the 80 cents increased.

joseph howe after confederations

We hope this may be avoided, but nobody just now can tell what may turn up in all this month. Ritchey appearing to be very much mortified and annoyed. You would not take a Ten Gun Brig into action against an Eighty Gun Ship and you would be dismissed the service, for wasting men's lives, if you did. Chambers" was assailed by pamphlets and other Missiles flung in his face, while trying to address the Speaker, during the last session of the Ottawa Parliament.

joseph howe after confederations

We did not let a soul of them know what we were about and by selling no copies till they were sowed broadcast over the three Kingdoms and in the Provinces we have taken a rise out of them. The Tribune of Nova Scotia.

Joseph Howe

All the reporters had left before I rose, but the one on the Standard. In fact that nothing had been done, and that it was not likely that any thing would be until after the Christmas Holidays. You will find in yesterday's Daily News another capital column of fun poked at our friends by the Editor, and a long letter from Montreal in which our views of the indefensibility of Canada are freely admitted.

joseph howe after confederations

He is an old friend, and promised at once to publish any explanation or correct any errors that I might point out. He also thought the voters should be consulted before such a major step was taken.

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But guarantee or no guarantee the Cana- dians have now got the Bill complete, where it can be passed in five minutes and then the Proclamation would issue, guarantee or no guarantee.

W We send the Star that you may see both sides. In order to promote his desire for responsible government, he assumed the editorships of both the Novascotian and the Morning Chronicle from 1844 to 1846, making them a rallying point for Liberal principles.