How to fix sticky resin

Assuming that you did not mix resin: Always read directions as product instructions may vary.

how to fix sticky resin

Read on to learn how to fix sticky resin. After we pour, we turn them upside down and let the resin dry overnight. Spread it thin and you have a lot more working time... If it is still a mess, what do you all suggest? It will look a mess until you pour the second layer, and then it'll look great!

New way to save sticky resin

Thanks for any feed back! I threw the goopy ones away but the next day I got an idea and fished them out of the trash. Use our Resin Usage Calculator to determine how much you're likely to need, then add a bit more.

how to fix sticky resin

The colder it is, the longer it will take to cure. Keep resined pieces out of UV light. It's not foolproof though it is quite easy with time and practice.

You can feed the masses with that stuff, spread thin or thick.

How To Harden Sticky Resin

It is ok for it to be still a little tacky that is not something that can be avoided under the circumstances. I also have tried Mod Podge clear gloss with good results since reading the post.

A bubble release agent allows for easy de-gassing so you don't have to really work at getting to bubbles to pop. They mixed resin with resin. You are on our US website.

Lightly sand the whole piece, including the patched area. Always apply a generous amount of resin to the entire surface of your piece. If you don't remove all the runny, wet material, it could eventually leak out from under the new resin coat. The same thing happened some cured, the sticky backed ones turned to goop.

HTH Bob.

how to fix sticky resin