How often do alligators attack humans

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how often do alligators attack humans

When you factor in how many people live in alligator country, it turns out there are about 0. Like Cline, Shizuka Matsuki was walking her dogs when she was attacked. They would be eating mammals like raccoons, waterbirds, turtles, and deer on occasion.

how often do alligators attack humans

Their normal prey includes fish, birds, other reptiles and small mammals. In many coastal regions, humans are encroaching on alligator habitat, so the two species are more likely to cross paths.

It is surprisingly rare for an alligator to kill a person

So I think the best thing to do would be to fight back, put up a fight, definitely don't play dead. While a bite may not be life threatening, it still requires a visit to the hospital. But alligators stuck around. Statewide, FWC said it receives an average of 15,000 nuisance alligator complaints annually between 2012 and 2016.

Experts have long advised people in states with alligator populations to avoid swimming at night and to keep small children and pets away from the water's edge. Florida is a prime habitat for alligators. David Hitzig of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary said there's a simple rule about gators: View image of Credit: In fact, this is defensive posturing.

Why are we asking this?

Can you really escape an alligator if you run in a zigzag?

Fight back! As things stand, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission receives about 16,000 complaints about alligators every year. And perhaps more importantly, what shouldn't you do? But most of them are concentrated here, in Florida.

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how often do alligators attack humans