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I can just feel the stillness of night in the meandering piano. Craig Carry Last night, the opening festival performance of Colin Stetson sparked amazement and inspiration to all those fortunate to be present.

The Gaslamp Killer is a cosmic spirit operating in the atmosphere, far removed from the mainstream. The piano becomes more reflective alongside the strings.

The Lobby Bar in Cork was the best venue we played I think. It is divine instrumental music where the ethereal layers of sound shares an unspoken connection with the listener. Seek this gem out. You are a graduate of the Juilliard School for Composition.

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This album was two years in the making and you can just hear the intricate details intertwined in the layers of instrumentation. And boring. Stetson kicked off Le Guess Who? Sophie Hutchings is a Sydney-based composer and pianist.

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Juilliard is a great place. Like most people who love music I like a wide range… I grew up listening to a lot of Jazz because of my father and my brothers were very involved in the indie rock scene.. Gonjasufi supplies the ammunition here with his soul-baring vocals. Live drums by The Gaslamp Killer breathes bustling life into the psychedelic haze. Often on my songs I feel they really need further arrangements and other instruments just like on Burn or Tonight She Said.

Or does one member have the song pretty much written beforehand? Three of us Cormac, Bill and Paul knew each other for many years and we met Maurice drummer through contacts in various bands. My record collection earlier on really consisted more so of that genre…. Is there higher praise possible? Written by admin December 3, 2012 at 3: Be warned.