Scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

Reaction to the referendum result Protesters carrying U.

‘Join the queue!’ Scotland will be back of line for EU membership if it quits UK

Some of the pro-Union demonstrators in George Square carried banners for Rangers Football Club, the team predominantly supported by Protestant fans. Several of the George Square demonstrators were members of the far-right Scottish Defence League, which is widely perceived to be a Neo-Nazi organisation. I'm not ashamed of being Scottish or Glasweigan, what I am ashamed of is the fact tht ppl like those at George square r part of our society.

Reaction to the referendum result. Some photos being shared on Twitter also seem to show pro-Union demonstrators performing the Nazi salute.

scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

However, it looks like the main source of trouble in Glasgow is coming the opposing side: ONE day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory. As in Ireland, the Orange Order regularly organises parades and marches as a public show of community pride.

scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

An Orange march of around 15,000 people took place in Edinburgh the week before the referendum, with members travelling from around the U. At a briefing in Brussels, Margaritis Schinas said: But her efforts could backfire, with EU officials today confirming that Scotland would be at the back of the queue for new member states.

George Square tonight has nothing to do with any normal Yes or No voter!

Tens of thousands march for Scottish independence

Prior to the referendum on Thursday, many U. Police tell us 3 arrests but full investigation underway which could lead to more pic.

scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

Police trying to rescue people draped in Saltires from the mob georgesquare pic. No supporters celebrate their win over the Yes campaign at the Royal Highland centre during the Scottish referendum in Edinburgh, Scotland, 19 September 201.

scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

She was referencing a precedent established by former EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso about new members. Protesters carrying U.

Scottish referendum: Scotland votes 'No' to independence

George Square. Getty Images. Nicola Sturgeon's second Scottish independence referendum could be about to backfire Nicola Sturgeon today revealed plans for a second Scottish independence referendum before Brexit. Violent and volatile scenes here in GeorgeSquare pic.

Quiz of the Week: Who declined to sing at the Grammys?

GeorgeSquare crowds dispersed now. Mindless SDL scum who have no place in society! Sign up Log out news. Rangers flags held aloft as shouts of "rule Britannia" go up. Mr Barroso, writing in 2012, said such a state would not be regarded as neutral in regard to EU treaties.

scotland referendum who votes for the grammys

One eyewitness described police trying to rescue people holding Scottish flags from some of the U. The gathering began as a show of British national pride, but it quickly developed into what many witnesses are describing as a riot.