Howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review

He was confident enough to send me out a new in the box rifle, never been fired, no tune ups, nothing.

Howa 1500 Varmint rifle review

The drop you are seeing is exactly where it should be. Rear was locked, and it worked positively and well. I recently received a Howa.

howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review

Matt contacted me and was very willing and eager to have me evaluate one of these rifles. Remington 700 CDL. Did it?

howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review

Lefties were totally lost with this one. I been shooting 168 BTHP match.

Howa 1500 your thoughts?

The other one is a heavy barrel 223 with a Boyd's laminated thumbhole stock and a Vortex 6-18 Crossfire11 scope. There is no chequering for extra grip at the pistol grip and fore-end but the stock design takes care of any concerns in this department. Know a stalker over on Skye - estate rifle is a 243 Howa Hogue and I know he's recently personally bought a 270 Howa Laminate.

howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review

Howa, Adjustable Stock: We left the engagement adjustment alone. There were no failures to feed, fire, or eject.

Quest for a Great .22-250 Heavy-Barrel Varmint Rifle: We Like Howa

Some elements are not quite so average user friendly - like trigger adjustment - as the T3, but in honesty I prefer the Howa design over current T3. Over all, the stock is very comfortable, but a complaint I do have, is that the finish is a smooth satin, which becomes slick with skin oil, face paint, and grime common in the field and I had difficulty keeping my cheek weld on occasion face wanted to slide down the stock.

howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review

It shot. Specs Manufacturer: This is where the strength of this action lies. The Howa Thumbhole Varmint 24 inch is a very popular choice among competition shooters.

The blued finish was a deep, rich, satin blue-black, which complemented the barrel and stock well, and with proper care will cope with the challenge of some real-life shooting.

howa 1500 thumbhole varmint review