How to make raw vegan sausage

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Sausage-Style Walnut Meat

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how to make raw vegan sausage

If you liked this recipe why not consider joining me at my Cookery School? If you want to turn the sausages into a pate then add 3 tbsps.

Roasted buckwheats bloat out after about 2 hours soak time. The texture is less tender than animal-based ground sausage but more tender than biting into a handful of raw walnuts. This is a tough call.

how to make raw vegan sausage

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how to make raw vegan sausage

Serve with crackers or lettuce leaves. I'd say it will last up to 5 days in an air-tight container in the fridge!

how to make raw vegan sausage

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Raw – Sausage (nut sausage)

Have you tried walnut meat yet? Going to try for church pot luck can the nut meat be added to sauces. The options are endless!

Place in food processor with all the other ingredients except the chia seeds. Soak the sunflower seeds in pure water overnight then drain.

Raw vegan sausage

It kind of reminds me of those really crispy pieces of ground sausage or beef that I always loved growing up! So happy to hear how much you're enjoying this, Nicole! Rub the batter into the sliced aubergines and then sprinkle with a final dash of tamari. Spokesperson and teacher of raw foods, host of award winning retreats, creator of a range of ebook recipe collections and author of 'Spiralize'.

how to make raw vegan sausage

Great recipe! At first it seemed a little salty just trying it on its own but on the pizza it was delicious. Lost your password? We love using it to make vegan sausage gravy and our Tater Tot Hotdish.