How to become a boat captain

Photo Gallery Contact. How becoming a charter boat captain is easier than ever Topics: All training courses include instruction on navigation, coastal pilotage, meteorology, safety, general ship knowledge regulations, and much more valuable information.

how to become a boat captain

Master, 100 Tons Credential — Vessels up to 100 tons can be operated with this license, and there can be as many passengers on board as the vessel will hold.

You'll still need to log 360 days of sea-time, apply for a captain's license, and take the exam.

How to get your Captains License

The Masters level earns you the respect you have earned with years of boating experience as well as giving you the ability to serve on either inspected 7 or more passengers or uninspected vessels as you choose.

Once you have passed the course and had someone sign as a witness to your time on the water — 360 days, 90 of which have to be within the last year — you will need to apply for your license. My references were from a licensed captain and former boss, an uncle who is a commercial fisherman, and a friend who participates in sail racing, all three owned their own boats.

How becoming a charter boat captain is easier than ever

At least 720 days of boating experience including 360 days offshore and 90 within past 3 years. Even though you only need 360 days of sea-time to get your license, if you want an actual job as a captain, you will usually need at least three to four years of professional experience.

how to become a boat captain

Upgrades when Commercially Endorsed. This license usually applies to fishing, diving and sightseeing boats. If you do not have any nearcoastal sea service, apply for a Master Inland.

Heck, the majority of anglers have mastered the actual mechanics of fishing.

how to become a boat captain

Diane W. Check the Coast Guard website to find approved courses. Satisfy all of the physical and legal fine print.

how to become a boat captain

It is used for the operation of uninspected vessels for a short time. Any time spent on a boat counts.

How to Get a Captains License

Present three character references. Time is the most discerning prerequisite to becoming a boat captain. This is where your skills come into play. Most boat companies require these physical marks anyway and will likely pay for the test and certification.

If you want to be captain as well, you get to!

how to become a boat captain

Unanswered Questions. The captain must have at least 360 days of service on any vessel. Network through your professional contacts. Try boatcaptainsonline.