How to apply for calworks in california

Generally, adults can get up to 48 months of cash aid. Mission College: De Anza College: Examples of personal property include checking and savings accounts.

how to apply for calworks in california

Related Links. Income includes but is not limited to: Child support is counted as income and CalWORKs recipients who receive direct child support are required to assign their support rights to the County.

how to apply for calworks in california

Making Orange County a safe, healthy, and fulfilling place to live, work, and play, today and for generations to come, by providing outstanding, cost-effective regional public services. Children are eligible until their 18th birthday. Show More. Children age 6 and older must regularly attend school.

Financial Assistance for Families with Children

Maximum Amount of Aid Payable to the Employable. Report a problem with this page. Pregnant or parenting teens under the age of 18 must live with their parent s or other appropriate relative in order to receive CalWORKs.

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Your Name. The documents will be used to see if you are eligible for CalWORKs, and to figure out what the payments to you and your family will be.

how to apply for calworks in california

Current Agency. To figure out what monthly payments to you will be, the Eligibility Worker will also look at other information such as how much the things you own are worth.

how to apply for calworks in california

It is intended to provide immediate financial assistance that can help individuals keep or start a job and continue to be self-supporting. MBSAC adjusted income must fall below the applicable amount listed.

This page location is: County Directory Assistance 855.

how to apply for calworks in california

Entire County. Eighteen-year-olds may continue to be eligible if they are full-time students, regularly attending high school or the equivalent, and expected to graduate before their 19th birthday.