How to adjust haldex automatic slack adjusters

how to adjust haldex automatic slack adjusters

Your username or email address: When backing off the brakes, you will feel and hear a clicking. Clockwise to tighten up the brakes, counter clockwise to back them off.

Gradual Adjustment - Haldex slack adjusters have a more gradual adjustment than the competition, so the risk of dragging brakes is practically eliminated. No, create an account now. Jan 1, 2012 38.

Brake adjustment

Jan 1, 2012 33. You will find it will take about 20 to 25-ft.

how to adjust haldex automatic slack adjusters

Log in or Sign up. The point must line up with the notch on the side of the slack adjuster.

how to adjust haldex automatic slack adjusters

Turning the adjusting nut clockwise shortens the stroke tightens up the brake. You then take the TRUCK IRON, back off the brake to where you want it set, then remove the key or whatever you have used to hold the pawl out and it will snap back into place. Which Haldex slack adjuster do I need?

Haldex Auto Slack Adjusters

They require you to remove a pawl assembly to back them off on the earlier auto slacks, and the current units just require you to pry up a button on the pawl's cap to release the pawl.

Once you have the desired free travel, you can use the hammerhead of the TRUCK IRON to tap the brake drum to check for a clear ringing sound indicating the brake pad is not too tight to the brake drum.

On the other hand, if it backs off too easily, the auto slack needs replacement. Thanks for info.

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