How good is the yugo mauser 98

Shooting the M48 brought no surprises. We had to detail strip the rifle to its least common denominator and put the metal components into a parts bath to get into all the interior crevices. Comments are closed.

how good is the yugo mauser 98

Or at a classic match and not feel out gunned. Although new and unissued, our rifle had been in storage for approximately 50 years and was literally soaked in cosmoline! Yugo K98 This review was inspired to a degree by Bruce Potts who, as you may know, did an article on building a classic Mauser K98 sniper rifle that he would use for stalking. The M48 is chambered for the 8mm Mauser 7. When the bolt is opened and the rifle is vertical with the butt down, the bolt will fall to the fully retracted position under its own weight, although there is some roughness.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Still, the weapons were diligently maintained by the Yugoslavians, who pulled them out of storage on a rotating five-year basis, cleaned them, coated them in new cosmoline, and put them back.

Yugo M24/47 Mauser rifle

Ruger Mini-14. Another unique feature of the later Mauser designs is the side-mounted sling.

how good is the yugo mauser 98

The potential M48 purchaser should also be aware that while new M48s with accessories and all matching numbers are reasonably priced and probably most desirable, used rifles are available in very good to excellent condition, although most do not have all the accessories of the unissued rifles.

For example, the handguard of the M48 begins at the receiver ring rather than at the rear sight as is the case with the K98k. Modern high end Mauser hunting rifles still use the 98 action with a version of this safety mechanism.

how good is the yugo mauser 98

They are often in poor visible condition, which combined with the distinctive smell makes them a non-starter for many shooters. Although advertised as non-corrosive, the surplus ammunition we used proved to be mildly corrosive, if the rust that appeared in the bore of our M48 about three days after cleaning is any indication.

Yugoslav M48: A New M98 Mauser

There are even more differences, between the M48 and K98k, however. Pick your poison, but neither one is a deal breaker for me since I use this rifle to hunt and blow holes in stuff at the range.

Interestingly, once we had sanded the stock and rubbed it with linseed oil, we found it to be virtually the same texture as the World War II vintage German stock on the K98k that we used for comparison. Join us on Facebook here or check us out on Instagram here. On the other hand, the rifles are relatively inexpensive and are sturdy and well made, except as noted above.

The Yugoslavian M48 Mauser Variant: A MILSURP Gem

Like other MILSURP bolt rifles of the day, the rear sights are optimistic, ranging out to 2000 meters, though they oddly do not have a 100 meter setting and begin at 200 instead. E mergency: There are four basic versions of the M48 military rifle.

how good is the yugo mauser 98

We can only surmise that final finish was to be the responsibility of the soldier to whom the rifle would ultimately be issued. We have been advised that there is no truly non-corrosive military 7.

how good is the yugo mauser 98

I thought I would get an example in to show readers who perhaps might not be aware of what the generic 98 is all about.