Diaz motorsports chowchilla barn burner

diaz motorsports chowchilla barn burner

Mark was one of the original investors in Chowchilla Speedway. Mark Condell 33a was not the luckiest driver in the Modifieds at Chowchilla. He won the 2000 championship.

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He was a feature winner that season and top ten ranked. A year later, he finished third before moving up to do some Street Stock racing. Years later, it finally happened.

diaz motorsports chowchilla barn burner

I don't have notes in front of me, but at least one of them were feature winners at Chowchilla in 2000, if not both. In 2004, he finished third in Street Stock points. Joe Diaz Jr.

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Steve Bisordi Sr. I recall talking with them about reopening that track. He was one of the faster drivers and won his share of races. Newer Post Older Post Home. I recall that he was fast, but I seem to recall him flipping his car one night too. Left it on a trailer and nobody turned it in. The Reeds supported Mini Stock racing at Porterville too.

In 2001, he was Chowchilla Street Stock champion. Posted by The Editor at 1: I decided to dig into my vaults for a few snap shots from the early days at Chowchilla Speedway. He wasn't a member, but he was usually running up near the front. Ike and Dudley Reed were fast competitors whenever they came.

diaz motorsports chowchilla barn burner

One of the families that has been a part of Merced racing tradition since the 1950's is the Corn family.