When will the 1920 census be released

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The UK 1921 Census

The National Archives released individual-level records from the 1940 Census for the first time on April 2. As a result, TNA was required to provide a paid address search service from 2007, before a digitised copy of the census went online in 2009 with personally sensitive information, e. I've read through this thread with interest and thought I'd make a small contribution.

If it was never going to release then there woud be no need to keep it and it would probably have been destroyed as in other countries. The staff included midwives and visiting doctors.

when will the 1920 census be released

Caring does not always mean sharing. For the first time individuals in a household could also make separate confidential returns.

when will the 1920 census be released

The government is happy to sell current personal data on electoral registers to marketing firms and charities, so to deny access to the 1921 Census is hypocritical. The censuses from 1921 onwards were taken under the Census Act 1920. In addition to the questions asked in the 1911 census, the 1921 census included more information about the profession and branch within it.

when will the 1920 census be released

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The ‘72-Year Rule’ Governs Release of Census Records

For the first time, the 1940 Census used random sampling to survey the population in an effort to gain representative information about conditions during the Great Depression which was a way of gathering more information without burdening all respondents. Interesting times ahead. The Census information would merely consolidate this. The ruling by the Information Commissioner that resulted in the 1911 census being opened early does not apply to the 1921 census because, unlike the 1911 census, the 1921 census was conducted under the 1920 Census Act, which is still in force and which contains a statutory prohibition on disclosure.

when will the 1920 census be released

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