What is supporting details in an outline

How to Write an Outline

Receive an email confirmation of your submission. Thesis Statement: In fact, most cities and towns require the home builder to submit blueprints before the foundation is poured. It is used to sum up a discussion, to emphasize a point, or to restate all or part of the topic sentence so as to bring the paragraph to a close. For every arabic numeral 1, there must be a 2.

Carbon pollutants also eat a hole in the ozone layer citation. Our thoughts can turn to bad or even illegal deeds. The main idea is the most important piece of information the author wants you to know about the concept of that paragraph. In a passage, we have a topic, the main idea and major and minor supporting details.

what is supporting details in an outline

They are most important because they sell the main idea. Exercise 2 Using the working thesis statement you wrote in Note 8. Drug users with addiction issues would get more help 1.

what is supporting details in an outline

Thanks so much! Look at the following diagram.

what is supporting details in an outline

Table of Contents. Your people would be less likely to start drugs F ull-sentence outline: We also have the Miami Dolphins football team and the Marlins baseball team.

Reading Comprehension

Tip In an outline, any supporting detail can be developed with subpoints. Global warming is alive and well and thriving in Antarctica. Tip For a longer piece of writing, the main idea should be broader than the main idea for a shorter piece of writing. Thank you so much.