What is lean in healthcare

Individuals or teams with little to moderate experience and exposure to lean who are looking to increase their understanding; front-line clinical or professional staff, physicians, managers, and senior leaders who want an understanding of the total scope of implementing lean in a healthcare setting; cross-functional and cross-level teams are encouraged to attend together.

Key Concepts of Lean in Healthcare (2 Day Class)

The hospital or healthcare organization benefits in a long-term perspective due to reduced capital costs and ongoing expenditures, growth opportunities created by freed-up capacity, and an improved reputation that results from better quality and service.

Forgot your password? Be able to articulate, for your healthcare colleagues, where the term "lean" and the core concepts come from - How does a methodology with roots in the automotive industry possibly apply to healthcare? Your privacy is important to us.

what is lean in healthcare

Your Name:. The Birth of Lean: The willingness to change by identifying the root cause of problems and making corrections to improve processes.

what is lean in healthcare

Promoting a culture of continuous improvement. In fact, lean tools enable staff to produce the highest quality output with the least amount of work possible!

what is lean in healthcare

Implementing processes that are value-added from the perspective of the patient, and eliminating those that are not. The lean tools provide everything a team needs to assess whether an approach is producing the desired results as well as the tools to change course and identify a new approach to test.

What Is Lean Health Care?

You will learn the key techniques, philosophies, and management system that comprise a lean approach in healthcare. Contact Us.

Lean Thinking and Application in Health Care - Group 9

Suggested Reading for this Workshop: Course Outline: Any task or activity that is not a value-added step from the perspective of the patient is deemed wasteful, and eliminated. Lean health care is… Promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

what is lean in healthcare

Lean can be powerful when implemented as a management method in a health care organization. The information you enter on this form will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold or shared with another party.

6 Principles of Lean in Healthcare

How would we measure success with our lean efforts? Where does "lean" come from? Your Email:. Successful lean healthcare efforts result in measurable improvements in patient outcomes: This course explains how the visible tools and methods of lean are based on a mindset, philosophy, and thought process. Everyday the lean work at Virginia Mason is advancing the quality of health care, as demonstrated by our recognition for patient safety, as we collaborate to achieve zero defects.

When adopted by an entire organization, the lean management system equips leaders with the tools and methods they need to lead diverse teams of employees.

what is lean in healthcare

On the Mend. Defining "value" from a customer and patient perspective Identifying "waste" and non-value-added activity Identifying and improving "value-streams" Creating better "flow" for patients and processes Preventing errors and improving quality in a systematic way Creating an environment of true "kaizen" continuous improvement Overview of commonly used methods, with real healthcare examples: Who Should Attend: