What is early american prescut glass

what is early american prescut glass

These pieces should not command premium prices, by any means! Also, the Prescut tumblers should have concave or flared sides and the EAPC tumblers have straight sides. Being the first produced, it should be a crisper and clearer glass.

what is early american prescut glass

Among commonly seen items are: Early American Prescut glassware has a fairly long and large numbered run. Later articles will feature some interesting historical and research facts that I have assembled. One collector in Connecticut complains of being unable to find a cruet while I find one almost every weekend.

Early American Prescut

Web Toolbar by Wibiya. Also, be aware that imported items also exist. Discussion of available information on EAPC will be presented in a later article.

what is early american prescut glass

As to what pieces were made, only time will tell. Pineapple is a name given the pattern by collectors since many of the pieces, esp. The reason this pattern is called Oatmeal is because it was distributed in boxes of Crystal Wedding Oats.

Oatmeal had a high production volume and is very common. The reason it is called Star of David is because the pattern is comprised of one or more centralized eight-pointed stars similar to the Jewish Star.

what is early american prescut glass

The central motifs are very similar. Are you scratching your head yet? Member Websites.

National Depression Glass Association

On Pineapple, all of the leaves of the fan point upward and fan out slightly. However different, the effects of the EAPC star cuts gives a dimensional effect that mimics the an overlaid look. These are being added to the database created by Dr. K and M Antiques: