How to select designated router in ospf

Will try and lab it up in GNS3 and examine the packets in wire-shark later today, meanwhile hope someone more knowledgeable can throw in their 2 cents. Great article Stretch!

how to select designated router in ospf

A router's Hello Packet contains its Router Priority, which is configurable on a per-interface basis. This is what I question. Send hello to 224.

how to select designated router in ospf

This content has been marked as final. Go to original post. Kaustubh guest October 12, 2011 at 8: A priority of 255 means the routing device is always the designated router.

how to select designated router in ospf

However, the router ID does not necessarily determine election of the DR which depend on the boot order - that is where I was getting confused. In some situations, such as a hub-and-spoke topology with a single hub, it doesn't make sense to have a BDR at all.

Elect DR 0.

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Great article. You can reach him by email or follow him on Twitter. The Designated Router is elected by the Hello Protocol. Each multiaccess network has a designated router, which performs two main functions:. Cheers, Kaustubh.

OSPF - The DR and BDR Roles

Since this is the case your router is DR for both of these broadcast domains. Otherwise, the first hardware interface with an IP address is used. Please type your message and try again. This makes it harder to predict the identity of the Designated Router, but ensures that the Designated Router changes less often.

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