How to clean springer spaniel ears

To work the water into your dog's undercoat, lift the overcoat gently with your hand and spray the shorter fur underneath. Use the sprayer carefully to thoroughly remove the shampoo from your dog's undercoat. If it is successful though, you will save yourself much in medical bills and your dog years of pain.

how to clean springer spaniel ears

About Me. Caring for Your Cocker's Ears. Comb your spaniel's coat with a wire-pin brush or medium bristle brush. Incorrectly clipping a dog's nails can cause pain and bleeding.

How to Care for a Springer Spaniel's Ears

However, if you keep them well-brushed and scrupulously clean you can help to avoid infection in the first place and keep them bacteria free and healthy. Removing the hair around the ear canals is vital for spaniel ear health.

Her areas of expertise include child development and behavior, medical conditions and pet health. These hairs could tangle and form mats when they get wet.

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Springer spaniels have a soft undercoat and a medium-length flat or wavy overcoat. Despite the procedure and the drops, I don't think the infection ever quite went away although he was in less discomfort for a month or two. Before you put any liquid in your dog's ears, make certain his eardrums are intact. Step 3 Comb your spaniel's coat with a wire-pin brush or medium bristle brush. Once you are out of the house, administer the treatment in one ear.

how to clean springer spaniel ears

For a novel diet to have a chance to work, it must also be a limited ingredient diet as well. Fill a squirt bottle with one-third baby shampoo and two-thirds warm water.

Keeping your Springer Spaniel ears healthy

They used to hate it, but I read somewhere probably MetaFilter to warm it up before use. Drizzle a small amount of dog shampoo down your springer spaniel's back and work it into a lather with your hands. Soak a cotton swab in this mixture and clean your springer spaniels ears thoroughly once a week. Nevertheless, something has to be done. Place your dog in the bath or encourage him to get in himself by using his favorite toy or treats as a reward.

how to clean springer spaniel ears

If your dog's ear is too painful to clean--get it less painful first and then always give your dog treats while cleaning the ears to help them learn a positive association with it. A dog's nails contain a quick that, if severed, can bleed profusely and cause pain. If you do not have dog shampoo, you can dilute a mild, unscented shampoo with warm water.

how to clean springer spaniel ears

Three times in the past year, the vet has given him full anesthesia and cleaned out his ears, then given him a prescription for antibiotic ear drops for a week. Any soap residue left behind could irritate or dry your dog's skin.

A top tip is to ensure that you have a stock of this at home, so make sure that when you visit the vet, you have stocked up on the ear cleaning solutions they provide. It's simply a matter of trial and error.

how to clean springer spaniel ears