Ehow pumpkin carving patterns

Hershey's offers witches, cats, spiders and more at this website, which also has other fun coloring and craft ideas for kids. Sunday, according to the group's past president, Dave Platz. View Comments. Carving the perfect pumpkin. Needle tools work for transferring designs from paper to the pumpkin. Pumpkins sell for about 70 cents a pound.


Marcie McGoldrick, Holiday and Crafts Editor at Martha Stewart Living, says a miniature serrated knife is best for cutting through the skin as well as the flesh of the pumpkin. From the American flag to John Wayne to Elvis, this website has these and more, along with helpful carving tips. If you don't have the goods, there's still plenty of time to hit the local pumpkin patch.

ehow pumpkin carving patterns

The pumpkin will rehydrate by soaking up water into its rind. Two triangular eyes.

ehow pumpkin carving patterns

If you don't want to carve up your pumpkin, get out the brushes and paints and let your little Picassos go at it. Print out your favorite pattern from our list.

Halloween pumpkin-carving tips and free stencils

In addition to that, Clark first submerges the newly carved fruit in a bucket of cool water with a teaspoon of bleach, which kills mold and bacteria. Scary and fun templates for free.

Halloween Pumpkin Superheros - Spiderman & Batman

For some other ideas, prepare to be amazed at what's on the website extremepumpkins. All of our South Florida restaurant coverage. Gouging tools create strips in the surface of a pumpkin. If your carved pumpkin will be part of the table display, put off carving it as long as possible, says McGoldrick.

ehow pumpkin carving patterns

Or draw a face on it with markers. But they can be painted or spray-painted to custom colors. Does your Halloween pumpkin lack panache? Go to PumpkinGlow.