Cool bun hairstyles how to

Creating textured waves and dramatic side-sweeps will balance off the entire look flawlessly. Last but not the least; give this dazzling electric blue bun a shot and stand apart from others. Bangs and hair strands around the face are very welcome on the casual hairstyles.

101 Cute & Easy Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair and Medium Hair

Come up with an enormous low bun at the nape of your neck and secure textured waves into it with bobby pins. This is a Monday-hair-style, which is totally appropriate for rushed mornings.

cool bun hairstyles how to

Try a side bun with this one-minute messy bun tutorial. Secondly, prefer highlighting the hair strands as to make a distinct styling statement.

25 Cute DIY Bun Hairstyles

You can decorate them using headbands or some bohos, like flowers. A smooth and neatly-created bouffant bun is all you need to look glorious in every damn party. Flat and Flawless Bun. If you want to look formal, this design is totally yours. Either way, the messy top knot can look amazing on any woman, regardless of her age, her hair length or her hair color, so you should definitely give it a try next time you want to give your hair a different style!

Make a messy large bun at your crown and let those long fringes kiss your eyes romantically. You must add texture to your hair before wearing this hairstyle.

cool bun hairstyles how to

Smoothen up rest of the hair for a polished look. After you make this unique braid on earth, simply roll it at the top of the head to get a normal bun thereby pinning it up to complete the look. Now, tuck the long side bangs behind your ears and enjoy the glamorous look.

Cute DIY Projects

Make this hairstyle whenever you are in a mood to dance with him. Loosen the pleats of flower bun as to feel the effect of petals naturally. You are gonna be ready for formal occasions, even at the last minute.

cool bun hairstyles how to

A beehive bun is your perfect way to look just like the epitome of elegance without putting much effort in styling. This gorgeous donut bun, a. Backcomb a strand of hair, then bobby pin them in place. Try this curly twisted bun to tame it and keep cool. This small semi-high bun looks amazing on pretty silky-smooth hair.