Actresses who played elphaba on broadway

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Linda Smith 8 min read. She has also performed in four countries, setting the record for starring as Elphaba in the most countries! And be kind to those around you — that fabulous cast and crew will help you through sometimes if you give room for them to do so and if you have already shown them how you have their back as well.

actresses who played elphaba on broadway

I think I learned how to maintain truth in a huge space. This would ultimately lead to her magical turn in the Broadway production.

It definitely worked!

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On October 30, the international hit Stephen Schwartz - Winnie Holzman musical Wicked — which concerns the friendship between two not-so-wicked witches, the green-skinned Elphaba and the curly-haired Glinda—celebrates its 12th anniversary at the Gershwin Theatre.

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actresses who played elphaba on broadway

If the actor looks at the play in its entirety and then focuses on performing the play eight times a week and then multiplies that by six months, nine months, a year... Kerry Ellis Photo credit: It was a great reminder of the ache needed to portray this character honestly and effectively.

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Block By the time Stephanie J. I had the best time watching them and playing with them onstage every night. Secure Shopping. Jessica Vosk also holds the distinction of entering Wicked while her new album Wild and Free was climbing the Billboard chart. I've been known to hurt myself opening a box of cereal, so it was great to feel and look like an X-Man for awhile. They were called in on short notice due to the likelihood of the indisposition, or in some cases actual indisposition, of all current actors at that time.

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I guess overall, when you are first doing it, the challenge is very mental. You can't worry about any of that. As hard as it is, you cannot listen to what anybody else has to say. Julia Murney Elphaba January 2007—October 2007.

actresses who played elphaba on broadway

Marybeth Abel. Adam Murray, Philippa Stefani.

actresses who played elphaba on broadway

I'm not supposed to be everybody's cup of tea. In In the Heights , she originated the role of Nina, staying with the production for almost two years.