30 child actors who died young answers

Hoffman relapsed in February 2014 and died from a combined drug intoxication.

30 Famous Actors and Actresses Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Johnny Depp became a heavy drinker simply because of his claim to fame. Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland struggled with drug addiction for much of her life and died of a barbiturate overdose at age forty-seven. Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst has been caught with drugs and checked in and out of rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

The Dark Knight star Heath Ledger died in 2008 of a toxic combination of six prescription drugs. Sweet Dreams or Total Nightmare? Once the adorable child star in the original film, The Parent Trap , Lindsay Lohan has since lost control of her life, including cocaine and alcohol abuse, DUI arrests, jail time and multiple stints in rehab.

What do these celebrity drug deaths have in common?

From Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, to Cory Monteith and Philip Seymour Hoffman, celebrity deaths from drug and alcohol overdoses leave millions of fans in mourning.

Her DUI and marijuana possession have kept her in the spotlight. The Lost Boys child star Corey Haim found himself lost in drugs at a young age. The world has lost far too many bright stars to drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Posted to: While he was still struggling, actor Jeremy London denied his drug use with a ridiculous story about how a guy kidnapped him and forced him to use drugs. See for yourself in our Celebrity Drug Death Memorial Wall , an interactive flip book that documents 75 celebrities who have passed away due to complications with substance abuse. Ready for Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

30 child actors who died young answers

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Ratione ipsa excepturi quae cum magnam quibusdam quos quam pariatur, libero veritatis aut harum, laborum similique optio natus, nulla possimus necessitatibus soluta! Drug Abuse , Drugs and Society , Infographics.

10 Child Stars You Didn't Know Passed Away

Any Other Important Details: Substance Abuse Stats. Related Posts: After a troubling period with drug abuse, Downey Jr.

30 child actors who died young answers

Wearing only sweatpants, he fled a rehab center in 2002. Fox turned to alcohol as an escape. His death in 2010 was attributed to a bad prescription medication concoction.

30 child actors who died young answers

Are They Advertising Addiction?