What is lichenoid keratosis medical

Lichenoid keratosis can be misdiagnosed as some types of skin cancer.

what is lichenoid keratosis medical

It can cause a lot of discomfort and may even become a…. All these findings may be seen in conjunction with an abutting epidermal focus of a lentigo Figure 3. LK occurs in adults, generally starting in the fourth decade of life with most cases presenting in the fifth to sixth decades of life. You will need a VisualDx account to use the mobile apps.

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Clinical-pathological correlation is always necessary and is the most sensitive and specific method for differentiating the lichenoid keratosis from lichen planus. If the biopsy did not remove the lesion in its entirety, various destructive modalities may be used to remove the lesion.

what is lichenoid keratosis medical

For example, an early cutaneous lesion of lupus erythematosus LE may be misinterpreted as an LK, and vice versa. You may need several specialist visits and more than one biopsy to confirm the diagnosis between lichenoid keratosis and a lookalike harmful skin condition.

Lichenoid Keratosis

It should not be used to dessicate the entire base of the removed LK. Treatment is not usually required, although very itchy or unsightly lichenoid keratoses can be treatd with cryotherapy freezing or burning diathermy. The area of lichenoid keratosis may also be removed after numbing the area. In fact the above scenarios of LK have led to one communication to state that LK should be classified as 1 associated with epithelial changes, 2 associated with melanocytic changes, and 3 miscellaneous lichen planus, drug eruption, cutaneous lupus, and mycosis fungoides.

Lichenoid Keratosis (lichenoid keratosis, lichen planus-like keratosis)

Main menu. It is important to understand that melanoma in situ with a lichenoid regression pattern may histologically mimic a lichenoid keratosis. The site may also become lighter in color. Lichenoid keratosis typically looks like a small rounded or oval area on the surface of the skin. The next unusual case to consider is when the clinical appearance is of an LK or other lichenoid dermatosis and the pathology report comes back as melanoma in situ or invasive melanoma.

what is lichenoid keratosis medical

Clinical photo of a lichenoid keratosis. Stratman MD Lindsay C. Damaging UV rays from the sun and tanning beds are a factor in lichenoid keratosis, as well as in harmful skin conditions. Lichenoid keratosis.

what is lichenoid keratosis medical

This procedure is simple and painless.