The who join together live albums

By Greg Kot 21 October 2014. Won't Get Fooled Again. This month, Madonna has a new album out and Nine Inch Nails have released their second volume of new material in two months. No critic took them seriously, and it wasn't only the tour that received poor reviews -- revisionist criticism brought into question the worth of their recordings.

Join Together

Rough Boys. Smash the Mirror. Share on Twitter. Live albums used to be big business in the recording industry — but then buyers lost interest.

the who join together live albums

All the elements are in place -- there's Pete Townshend 's trademark flamenco strums, John Entwistle 's galloping bass, Roger Daltrey 's strangled yelp, even a complete performance of Tommy -- but it doesn't feel like the Who , it feels like a replication. In the previous century, these might have been landmark events, the type of albums that mark key moments in celebrated careers.

Is it time to proclaim the death of the live album?

The Acid Queen. Indeed, Cheap Trick is still riding the high provided by the 1979 At Budokan live album; the band is in the midst of preparing a 35th anniversary package. It's listenable, to be sure, but it just doesn't feel right.

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the who join together live albums

Yes, it was a success and millions of fans went home happy, but in retrospect, it's clear that the reunion tour -- following just seven years after the "farewell tour" -- tarnished the reputation of the Who almost irreparably. Sally Simpson Pete Townshend.

Behind Blue Eyes. Greg Kot is the music critic at the Chicago Tribune. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. On the Record Music industry Pop music Is it time to proclaim the death of the live album?

the who join together live albums

The Acid Queen Pete Townshend. Join Together. The in-your-face promotion? Overture Pete Townshend. Rough Boys Pete Townshend.

the who join together live albums

You Better You Bet. Jazz Latin New Age.