How to refill hp 12a cartridge pdf

This is how the laser toner cartridge will look after plugging out the drum unit:.

Match the shape with the cartridge body. Rajesh Kumar 1 February 2018 at 03: Step 7: Do not make excess pressure during assembling, simply make the position it will get its position softly.

how to refill hp 12a cartridge pdf

Toner refilling is very easy and it is quite a good business. Step 3: What can I do?

how to refill hp 12a cartridge pdf

After pulling the toner from a laser printer the first step is to open the screw of side cover as shown below: Wiper-Blade should be cleaned with a soft cloth and not with a brush as the brush can put scratches on blade.

So now, take the other unit where the ink resides.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Thanks for helping out in providing step by step process. Step 5: Printing is dark on right side of the page as compared to the left side. Open it and fill the Ink dry in it then close it and finally re-assemble the two units which were separated earlier.

how to refill hp 12a cartridge pdf

Fix the peassure roller to its position. I have already changed the wiper blade, doctor blade, pcr, drum and magnetic rod.

I think that is WAY too many steps for the average home usefr. But when we are using a machine specially an electronic machine, sometimes we have to face some errors and problems, but believe me all these problems and errors have very easy solutions.

how to refill hp 12a cartridge pdf

Thank you. After you have taken outside cover, the next step is to take out drum unit. Id have to do all that 4 times for my color laser printer! The vendors are chosen even if keeping in mind varied parameters such as: Quality is the most important factor that has always enabled us to obtain the trust as competently as confidence of the buyers.