How to make globe using paper

Name Required. Use a thin layer of glue so it will stick faster, and attach each petal to the one next to it by lining up the lines of longitude and latitude. Get a Year of Learning and Exploration! Apply glue to your ball. A globe is a really great tool for seeing how the world is put together and for seeing where you are in relation to other continents and countries.

How to Make a Homemade Globe Using Print-and-Assemble Capability

Hang your globe with a small hook and string from the ceiling for a fun way to display. The tabs on the Northern Hemisphere need to be glued around the reinforcement piece, so dry-fit it first and trim the reinforcement piece to size if it's a bit too big. Make sure to match the two Northern pieces and the two Southern pieces with each other. Now spread glue on the outside surface of the Southern Hemisphere tabs, make sure they are folded at a right angle roughly to the surface of the globe, and stick the two halves of the globe together this part may be a little tricky, because there's no way to get inside and press the tabs down, so be patient.

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how to make globe using paper

Watch the Video! You can customize the pattern in an image-editing program before printing, or draw on the printed pattern to add labels, color or whatever else you need the pattern comes uncolored. Brush a thin layer of glue over entire ball and let dry the white glue will dry clear.

This globe is designed to be very basic to allow for customization in any way you like. Spread glue on the inside surface of the Hemisphere tabs and glue them to the bottom of the reinforcement piece see the photograph.

how to make globe using paper

Hang from the ceiling or wherever you like. Take the smaller of the two reinforcement pieces and make a hole through the center, where indicated on the pattern. Skip to content. This promotion is valid online only at www.

how to make globe using paper

Tissue paper, a Styrofoam ball, and a bit of glue is all you need to make a darling little globe. Let dry.

how to make globe using paper

Actually assembling a globe can create a more personal connection and put the world right in your hands. Here you'll find a printable pattern for a basic globe showing lines of latitude and longitude and the outlines of the continents.

DIY Tissue Paper Globe

Thread a length of fishing line, thread or string through it and knot it on one side so it can't pull through. I love using tissue paper for crafts because it is easy to work with and so colorful!

how to make globe using paper

Once you have each quarter assembled, glue the two halves of the Northern Hemisphere together with their tabs, and do the same for the Southern Hemisphere. Geological Survey has some great globes of other planets and moons that you can download, print, and make.

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