How to copy and paste youtube comments

Same is the case for Play Store and other Google Apps. For example, if you copied a phone number then you can perform the action to save the number or call it directly.

How to Copy Text from Android Apps that Don’t Even Let You Select Them

You need to give accessibility permission to let it inspect the content that is in the current window. Universal Copy is the Android app that will let you copy such TextView texts.

Did you ever want to copy that one comment on a YouTube video, from your Android, that was so funny? You can further hit on the Pencil icon to edit it and select specific text.

how to copy and paste youtube comments

It even worked on the official Google Search app. You just have to tap on the specific area.

how to copy and paste youtube comments

Speaking programmatically, such text is called TextView. Above I selected text from Play Store. Nothing from the official YouTube app can be copied. There are not many options available along with copied text. We had previously shared on how to perform some advanced tasks with the text you copy.

How to Copy-Paste YouTube Comments With Formatting in Firefox

It seems like Google has paid attention to such apps and has taken necessary steps to keep publishers content unique. Below, I copied a YouTube comment.

how to copy and paste youtube comments

So, whenever you want to copy from some text, you need to activate it. But, before you do so you need to activate the Copy Mode on the specific window from which you want to copy text.

how to copy and paste youtube comments

You should get a sticky notification of Universal Copy to activate the copy mode.