How to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

Yes, these are perfect for the holidays and year round! Leave this field empty. Shares 1K. Not sure there would be many left for toppings.

Caramelized Almonds

How To Caramelize Almonds. These caramelized almonds are so good that it's hard to just eat one... Vitamin C. Just warning you — if you prepare these in advance before the salad, there might be none left by the time you get to the salad making!

Sugars 9g.

how to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

I love caramelised nuts in salads! Coarsely chop and use as a topping for flan , natillas , or ice cream. I love sweet, crunchy almonds on my salads!

how to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

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Putting these sugared almonds in a cute little jar to give as a gift would be awesome! I kept picking them off the cake: A bowl of caramelized almonds can be served as a tapa or a dessert.

how to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

Sure, this will do. Butter and sugar?!

how to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

They sound like they turn into toffee-ish almonds. They are the perfect topping for salad, and I like your suggestion to add them to bitter greens, I bet they compliment them perfectly!

Kitchen Tips: How To Caramelize Almonds

Add the cinnamon if using , stir, then add the almonds into the pan and stir continuously using a wooden spoon. Dietary Fibers 1g. Thank you!

how to caramelize sliced almonds recipe

Toasted Sugared Slivered Almonds Recipe. Let the almonds cool, then transfer to a serving dish.

Spanish Caramelized Almonds Recipe - Almendras Caramelizadas

These slivered almonds sounds very dangerous indeed, for sure only a few would make it to the salad lol. Add a Recipe. If toasted sugared almonds sounds too fancy for you and you are just not the type of person who normally makes this kind of stuff, I have great news for you: