How to become trademark attorney in india

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How to become a Patent & Trademark Agent

Hello All, I want to do trademark for company Logo. Also, he ensures that the selected trademark is not infringed upon by others and is exclusive.

how to become trademark attorney in india

Request now. Patent Agent? One being eligible by professional qualification to practice before the Trade Mark Registry of India or pasing the qualifying examination conducted for becoming a Trade Mark Agent.

how to become trademark attorney in india

The official filing fee for single class is 3500. Registering trademark is considered to be a niche domain of law having specific requirements, which is somewhat different from other law disciplines. He will identify if all trademarks that are shortlisted are similar or same like that of the other signs that are already registered or not. I recide in mumbai. Click Here for Online Trademark Registration.

When there is a proper authorization, service of any document relating to the proceeding upon the agent is deemed to be service upon the applicant for trademark.

The entire look of mark in process is reviewed by him. The services of the trademark attorney in the country are invaluable and vital to all concerned in the domains of economy. If you already have filed a trademark application or have a trademark registration in one or more countries of the Madrid Union based on the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol , you can obtain trademark protection by filing one single application, so called International Registration Madrid System.

Trademark Classes and Classification of Goods and Services. Foreign applicants do not need a domestic registration.

Trademark Attorney India

After the mark is accepted for publication, the same is published in the Indian Trademark Journal for third party Opposition. Kebbe, Lebanon. How attorneys can help with trademark registration? Such circumstances can be used as a defense in the event of an action for cancellation due to non-use. Avoid posting content which you do not wish to disclose in public. In addition Advocates who are enrolled under the Advocates Act and Company Secretaries who have passed the examination conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and are licensed to practice as Company Secretary are entitled to represent their clients before the Trademarks Registry without the need for appearing in the Trademark Agent examination.

The communication with the Trademarkhost attorneys has also been very pleasant. Previous Thread Next Thread. A trademark agent or attorney is a qualified legal professional, who advises on all the legal aspects of Trademarks filing, registration, and opposition.

how to become trademark attorney in india

On 02 January 2010. We found Trademarkhost to be very prompt and professional in everything they do and keen to grasp and fully understand our requirements.

how to become trademark attorney in india

Trade Mark Agent 2. Also, they are regarded to be immensely significant part supportive and creative services by Indian legal sector.