How should a clarinet sound testrer

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Ask your local music shop assistant for advice on this to prevent making a bad purchase. It will improve over time. A Magnahelic testing machine specially constructed for the purpose of testing wind instruments provides the technician with precise information about the percentage of air loss in the body of a wind instrument.

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10. Clarinet: The Reed Test

For beginner clarinetists, it usually occurs when the student is not fully covering the holes. An article by Andrew Roberts, May 2012 On hearing about the release of the latest Selmer Saxophone, a player went into his local dealer in Copenhagen to try this shiny new model. The reason is simple sucking the air out of the body of the clarinet causes any design of pad surface to be pulled onto the tone hole surface.

Students can place their hands on their ribs and back muscles to kinesthetically feel the muscles that need to be engaged for breathing. Hold for 3 seconds. If you are having trouble feeling what this kind of breath support should feel like, try standing up with your feet together and putting your weight on your toes, to the point where you are almost leaning forward. Yes No.

To suck or blow, that is the question

You can listen to an interview with John Mackey from Reed Juvinate and myself here at donnaschwartzmusic. How do I blow into the clarinet properly when I keep puffing up my cheeks? Have them notice what goes on inside their mouth with their tongue position, throat, and oral cavity.

The goal is to work the corner and cheek muscles; the student will feel a burn in those areas after a few repetitions.

Test your clarinet embouchure

To breathe with your diaphragm, you need to take in a deep breath, but keep your upper body relaxed while you do this. She has taught in public schools for over 14 years, and private students for over 27 years on Saxophones and Brass instruments. If you're having an abnormal amount of difficulty with high notes, you squeak way more than you think you should, or some notes aren't coming out, have your instrument examined at a music store.

Here is a simple example of how a clarinet that is not airtight immediately looses harmonics. However, a quick survey of the cost of other instruments should highlight the fact that we have had the bargain basement price for our instruments for a long time.

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