How old is george michael wham

With no husband, children or obvious heirs to the estate, it was believed that the money would be split among his many godchildren.

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As well as this, streaming service Spotify marked a staggering three THOUSAND per cent increase in his music being listened to in the days following his death - truly proving that his hits will ensure he lives on with people for a long time to come.

A year later on April 7, 1985, Wham!

how old is george michael wham

Grammy Award-winning singer George Michael was one of the leading pop stars of the 1980s and '90s. John Rentoul. However, Michael was already eyeing up a solo future. While Listen Without Prejudice, Vol.

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how old is george michael wham

Instead of the pop charts, he found success on the dance charts. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. At the time of his death, Michael was working on Freedom , a second documentary about his life, which is scheduled for release in March 2017.

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Remembering pop superstar George Michael. After this record, Michael made comments about giving up the music business, but his rumored retirement would prove to be short lived.

Long reads. Star NFL quarterback Michael Vick's promising career was tainted by off-the-field activities, including involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring. Reuse this content.

how old is george michael wham

Though Praying for Time brought him a chart-topping single in the US and the album reached No 1 in the UK, the level of sales was substantially lower than for Faith. Thanks for subscribing!

Our view. Condolences poured in on social media. Join the discussion. George Michael comes out on CNN. Account blocked Your account has been blocked for contravening the community guidelines. George Michael dies of suspected heart failure, manager tells PA The sun goes down on beloved pop star George Michael George Michael's career in photos A career of music evolution 1997: I just heard about my friend GeorgeMichael 's death.

how old is george michael wham

A dramatic leaked 999 call from Fawaz after he discovered Michael's body reveals he spent nearly an hour trying to wake the star before phoning for an ambulance. Fadi, 43, is heard explaining: In March 2014 he released Symphonica, which became his seventh solo album to top the UK chart.

how old is george michael wham

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