How do black caimans protect themselves

Email address: Females are smaller, growing to around 1.

how do black caimans protect themselves

However, local populations are threatened in some areas. Caimans are members of the alligatoridae family. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these caiman facts for kids.

Caiman Facts And Information

Caiman With Fish. As the vegetation at the bottom of the nest rots, it produces heat, which warms the eggs. Black caimans were almost hunted to extinction.

As their name implies, broad snouted caimans have wider noses than other caiman species. Black caimans grow to over 5m in length.


Like many — but not all — reptiles, caimans lay eggs. The other members of this group are crocodiles and gharials. Caiman has narrow snout that is wide at the base and bony ridges above its large eyes. Click to see more animals in the Active Wild Online Zoo. Caiman species range in colour, from pale green to black.

how do black caimans protect themselves

Caiman's body is covered with hard scales that act like an armor. Caiman Facts Caiman is a reptile that is closely related to alligators and crocodiles. Long and flattened tail is used both for swimming and for protection against predators. Caimans are well adapted to the life in water. This means that they are top of the food chain, and have no natural predators.

how do black caimans protect themselves

Colder nest temperatures produce male hatchlings. To find out about other incredible rainforest animals, see this page: We use cookies to collect information on site usage, and to deliver suitable advertisements.

how do black caimans protect themselves

Some caimans lay eggs in different layers to ensure an even gender distribution. Easy meals ensure energy required for development of eggs.

how do black caimans protect themselves

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