Good communication occurs only when the recipient

Rogers, Carl.

good communication occurs only when the recipient

If they wait until the young person is more receptive to what they have to say, the odds of a successful conversation improve dramatically. Is documentation or a permanent record required?

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Communication Process

This can result in confusion, frustration, wasted effort, and missed opportunities. Consequently, no two people attach the same meaning to a shared event. Is the content complicated, controversial, or private? Each message has to pass, therefore, through at least two sets of filters.

The Communication Process

Every receiver who enters into the Communication Process brings with them their own ideas and feelings that influence their understanding of your message, and their response to it. In a situation where the message must be delivered to more than a small group of people, written channels are often more effective.

Communication is irreversible. The other important feature is the feedback cycle.

good communication occurs only when the recipient

Managers who deal openly and candidly with employees will find it easier to solicit the kind of feedback that tells them whether their message has been understood.

We have all been in situations when we felt that too much information was coming at us. The sender's decision to utilize either an oral or a written channel for communicating a message is influenced by several factors.

Understanding Communication Skills

The non-verbal signals transmit the relational dimension of the message. Figure 1. If experience has shown the receiver used openly communicated information to harm the sender, the sender will be much less open in the future.

good communication occurs only when the recipient

Finally, put your message into context. Ivancevich, J. But semantics is extremely important in effective communication.

good communication occurs only when the recipient

Leonard Sayles and George Strauss emphasize two approaches. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Over a month ago Michelle wrote.