Engine overheating when a/c is on

Why does a vehicle’s A/C overheat the engine?

But we should always be aware that activating the air conditioner system adds an extra load on the engine, thereby generating more heat that has to be removed. The second common cause is a cooling system not working efficiently.

engine overheating when a/c is on

Since I've already replaced the fan clutch and the fan is in good condition guess I have to replace the water pump. Thank you for the suggestion. Yep, his mechanic replaced the fan with a bigger fan ae lancer da fan ae - he told us.

engine overheating when a/c is on

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I got car's ac serviced just last week so condenser, radiator grill, vibrator etc.

AC Overheating Problem Fix (Power Steering Fluid Flush)

I nee Most of the engine components should be covered for 100 thousand miles. You can disconnect the upper hose and run the engine to see it flow but you have to keep the radiator full and the cold water will tend to close the T-stat.

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Try not to push the brakes so much as it causes a lot of friction which in result increases the temperature of the car. This load is sometimes over the capacity of the compressor which results in its malfunction.

Why Does My Car Overheat When AC Is On?

Check to see your system is holding pressure, doing a squeeze test on the upper radiator hose is a simple way. Power windows are responsible for approximately 2,000 emergency room visits every year.

engine overheating when a/c is on

Rear suspension component failure by Lee W. I would also check all the radiator hoses, looking for soft spots.

engine overheating when a/c is on

People battle this struggle daily, and the most common remedy they adopt is to carry extra water with them to put in the radiator of the engine to help the car cool down. Wednesday, 27 February 2019 at 05: Make sure that after the core has been reinstalled in the radiator, there are no leak. The Observer News Headlines. Have you ever had the radiator flushed?

Q: When A/C is on, the car overheats

The tubes of the radiator present in the engine begin to rust or corrode with time. Get a Quote.

engine overheating when a/c is on

Ok will try that. If the car will only overheat on the freeway and not anywhere else, I suspect you may have a common civic issue, which is a failing head gasket. Storm Storm 2010-07-05 09: