Cereals with whole grain stamp on cheerios

Warning — Foods with the ‘Whole Grain Stamp’ can be loaded with sneaky sugar and calories: study

It also provides a high level of protein, second only to oats. So were the researchers. There are two varieties of the stamp: Therefore, as Caplan suggests, consumers must look at the bigger picture. Simplifying the Process The Whole Grains Council has attempted to simplify the process of searching for whole grain foods with the introduction of a Whole Grain Stamp.

cereals with whole grain stamp on cheerios

If it all sounds way too complicated, you're not alone. Remind them: Even if it has whole grains, it can still be full of sugar or have hydrogenated fat. Part of the problem may be what food industry experts are calling the deception behind whole grain packaging.

They also tended to be more expensive. Sheth suggests switching to whole wheat flour for baking.

cereals with whole grain stamp on cheerios

A group of Harvard researchers says many whole grain foods are loaded with more carbs, sugar and calories than we realize — and the government and food industry need to come up with a better way to tell us what's healthy and what's not. Confused yet? Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

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Many consumers are surprised to learn that popcorn makes the list of whole grains. But your clients may think they have to eat more wheat or brown rice to get their daily whole grain intake. The ingredient list is also much easier to navigate.

Then when you reach for a healthful whole grain to cook with, the healthier choice is available.

cereals with whole grain stamp on cheerios

Publisher of Today's Dietitian. These had lower sugar and sodium and a lower likelihood of trans fats than the non- whole grains and the other whole grain foods, without being higher in calories.

cereals with whole grain stamp on cheerios

Once they got down to analyzing the whole grain foods, the researchers found a few surprising things about how healthy they really were. Or just toss the food in your cart and hope for the best? The study will be published in the journal Public Health Nutrition. Encourage clients to stock their pantries and shelves with whole grain noodles. Even desserts can offer some whole grain benefits.