Battlefield 4 how to hover jet gt

Itwastuesday Follow Forum Posts: It's great for Domination, as the high icy hills let players patrol the capture points below, but a small cave provides enough cover to allow fast squads to succeed. Landscapes are bigger, targeting works better, and music is more grand and varied.

How to Make the F-35 Better for BF4

Despite being another mammoth arena, Operation Whiteout actually works well in small team games. I also really liked Rush in Bad Company 2. Highly recommend running with Flechette ammo and a full choke.

battlefield 4 how to hover jet gt

Hi-tech weaponry and vehicles have been promised, but in reality, they're almost indistinguishable from anything you might have in your loadout anyway. Don't have an account?

DICE Wants Your Feedback and Suggestions - Lets Tell Them!

I don't quite get the Stealth Jets, with practically zero ways to influence the overall game, being restricted to AA-duty mostly - so boring, and the SPM is abysmal. Please Log In to post. I see a decent flyer thinking he's hot shit. The A-10 is designed to go low and slow, drop its ordnance, kill tanks, scuds, whatever else and get the hell out of there.

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battlefield 4 how to hover jet gt

That said, I believe that skill should be able to beat anything. Woow, after looking at the picture, the F-35 in BF3 on the Ps3 maybe it looks the same on PC looks like its made of paper.. Doesn't the state of Battlefield 4 should be excused.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand review

Tighter turns are possible if you keep the throttle steady or even decrease it slightly while banking, but this maneuver should be done only when you become more comfortable making such banking turns with ease. Don't forget to check your controls before jumping in a vehicle. Subscribe to The Eurogamer. Flying is no longer viable. If you are in a game with me, expect to be killed by my Steyr Elite. There are great games to be had here, but its geometry isn't anything we've not seen in any number of Battlefield maps over the years.

battlefield 4 how to hover jet gt

So meh, double the exposure.