Whining sound from engine when cold

I guess I'll take a look at the SAP.

Whining noise that comes from engine when cold and goes away when warmed up

Thanks for your question about your Accord. The rattling noise is most likely a bad bearing in your power steering pump so replacing the pump will get you a new pulley and bearing and hopefully stop the rattling and leaking fluid. Check under the hood for broken hoses or loose connections and repair any that seem loose or broken.

whining sound from engine when cold

It hasn't been extremely cold lately here since I topped off the fluid, but it doesn't make the noise anymore on starts around 10-15F. It is going to be very difficult to pinpoint the problem. Apart from worn out gears in the transmission, there could be faults with the bearings in the car.

5.7 Hemi whining noise when cold 2013 70k miles

If not, then the sounds are probably isolated to your engine belt problem. It's more pronounced on cold mornings, even on not so. I start hearing weird sound only during the first 15s when the car starts moving. Thanks for your question about your 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe.

If the belt is rubbing on the pulley due to misalignment or the bearings are worn out your alternator could indeed make a whining noise.

whining sound from engine when cold

I also hear the sound when im turning the wheels and just start to drive but again goes away once the car warms up. If your system does not have a bleeder valve, you can remove the air simply by letting the vehicle idle with the cap off the power steering reservoir.

It sounds like the noise you are hearing is from an accessory belt or the belt tension.

whining sound from engine when cold

It is possible that a low power steering fluid level has damaged your power steering pump causing it to be harder for the belt to turn which may also be causing the squeaking. It does sound like your power steering pump is causing the problem since it only happens when you are turning left or right.

Q: Car makes whining noise when I start in the morning

It is essential for you to get your car checked regularly by a certified mechanic. At that point it is best to have it serviced by a transmission specialist. These types of noises are normally associated with an exhaust leak.

I also bled the PS system by turning the wheel right to left several times with the engine off and the front wheels jacked up off the ground, refilling the reservoir each time i did this.

Typically, this type of issue is caused by a loose headlight electrical harness or an electrical short somewhere from the light switch to the headlight itself. VDCdriver 2009-12-23 23: Any ideas. I hot a 2003 honda accord.

Why is My Car Making a Whining Noise?

With more than 2 million posts our community is one of the most active groups of Volvo owners in the world. If you push the clutch down does the noise disappear?

whining sound from engine when cold

It sounds like the it would if the power steering has an issue but the power steering is working just fine. Originally Posted by Frog.