Where is copy market shanghai

Excellent 85. The best part about the Pearl market is that the shopkeepers are nearly as pushy as they are in other locations.

Copy market - A.P. Plaza Yinyang Market

Any suggestions much appreciated Charmayne Reply. The lady starts showing me all her stuff, including all sorts of different brand shirts and other clothing.

Thanks for letting us know! Just don't be expecting the real thing....

where is copy market shanghai

So, I say goodbye to that store owner, up goes the door and I walk around this shopping complex, come wasteland, a little more with Helen and see many people standing out the front of their stores with the doors shut. June 4, 2017 0.

where is copy market shanghai

Howard Korn on January 11, 2018 12: Martha on April 30, 2017 4: Things to do in Shanghai Put that Drink Down: Have you shopped at these Shanghai markets? And either he was BS-ing us or there was a miscommunication, but he told us the market was closing at 5: Create an Account. Current Location: All these articles and ads are advertising for the shops!

where is copy market shanghai

Fauziah on November 14, 2018 12: You are at: February 2017. It turned out to be two seperate, 5 or so floor, shopping complexes on either side of the road.

Beijing Fake Market Spree!