Where did the mayans lived ks2

Teacher Notes Pupils could compare football today with the Mayan ball game — how similar are the rules? The staple crops of the Maya diet were cultivated. Dogs were kept for meat and animals such as turkeys, rabbits, deer and agouti were hunted for food. Collapse of influential city of Teotihuacan. He tells us about his city's pyramids, buildings and food, including the importance of maize to their civilisation.

Mayan kings were constantly at war with each other, fighting for tribute gifts and prisoners to sacrifice to the gods. Uruk in what became modern-day Iran.

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where did the mayans lived ks2

Mayans used stone tools to carve the limestone that they used for their buildings. The Aztecs. Young Akbal introduces us to life in the Maya civilisation, which existed in Central America 1,000 years ago.

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Ancient Mayan Worksheets & Facts

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where did the mayans lived ks2

Between 900 AD and 1000 AD, the cities in the southern lowlands had more and more problems until all the people left. Spectacular art and monumental architecture were two other notable accomplishments of this civilization. The Mayan's used clay, stone, limestone, thatched hay, wooden poles, and metal to make common day houses. Last recorded inscription of classic Maya.

where did the mayans lived ks2

In the lowland areas crops such as maize, cacao, beans, avocado, squash and chilli were grown. Crops grown in the lowlands were traded for mineral ores and rocks from the mountainous areas. First stelae carving at Tikal. It took them a long time 170 years to finish doing this because the Mayans had no capital city and each city had a different culture. View all animal worksheets. What was the climate like? From about 250 to 909, the Maya civilization built many monuments and cities, and made lots of important carvings.

The Mayans

Some authorities suggest that Tikal may have had a population of up to 100,000 people by 800 AD. Quetzal feathers were highly prized for headdresses. The Mayans tied boards to their babies' heads to produce a flat forehead.