When the right time to conceive

when the right time to conceive

An at-home test that uses a microscope to examine a sample of saliva, a ferning test can be useful for some women, and hard to interpret for others. The Swiss researchers state that sperm tend to have their own 24-hour clock and, hence, are most likely to travel to the egg very early in the morning.

Ovulation usually occurs around days 12 and 13 of your cycle, but it varies from woman to woman. Using a number of different tools you can easily track ovulation with irregular periods. Although having sex frequently won't decrease the potency of a man's sperm, as many believe, it too often can potentially cause problems, says Dr.

LH surges just before you ovulate, so when the test reads positive, this indicates that your body is attempting to trigger the egg release from the ovary and that it is probably your optimal time to become pregnant.

When and How Often to Have Sex to Get Pregnant

Useful links: Sarah tracked her last three menstrual cycles by counting the time from the first day of one period, to the day before the next period. When you're trying to get pregnant, don't let these avoidable mistakes affect your conception goals. Temperature Rise After ovulation, your basal or resting body temperature increases by 0.

when the right time to conceive

Helped track Ovulation Phantom2005. Progesterone increases after ovulation, so when your basal body temperature rises and remains high for at least a few days, this means that you probably ovulated the day before the rise.

Here's How to Get Pregnant. Can you get pregnant outside of your fertile window?

when the right time to conceive

At-home ovulation tests detect the luteinizing hormone LH in your urine. This can make it hard to work out when ovulation happens. Although it is a very slim possibility less than one percent , it is important to keep this in mind.

Before You Get Pregnant

More in Getting Pregnant. You may have heard that Day 14 of your cycle is when you ovulate. How to Get Pregnant With a Boy...

when the right time to conceive