When do pomegranates ripen in australia

Share this content Twitter Facebook E-mail. It will also crack if there is too much rainfall in autumn, high humidity, poor watering or high winds. Fri 7: I have ,12 pomegranate tress.


There are many varieties, with a range of quality varying from very sweet bland to very acidic flavours and with soft seeds, medium hard seeds or hard seeds. I planted it last winter out of a pot from the nursery, so its not very old.

Growing Pomegranates in Containers

Smaller-sized producers sell product to local retailers and markets. This content may be out of date and is currently under review.

when do pomegranates ripen in australia

I am in Brisbane so fruity fly are a problem! Retailer Wholesaler Grower.

when do pomegranates ripen in australia

The Australian Pomegranate season is from November to March. This variety produces medium to large sized, slightly elongated fruit with a pinkish hue, but the internal seeds are deep red, large and very juicy.

Pomegranates in Western Australia

The main annual imports are from California in November and December. They like a long, hot summer and a cold winter but I did read a report of someone growing one in Nth Queensland that was thriving.

It does not appear to have a specific annual rainfall requirement for growth, though in commercial production the timing of rainfall is important. Pomegranate juice is also another product and as well as being consumed fresh, the juice is used to produce wine and grenadine.


Pomegranate orchards are established by planting 12-month-old trees, propagated from hardwood cuttings. By Helen Tuton. It consists of many close-packed red grains arils , and segments which are separated by a non-edible white pith.

when do pomegranates ripen in australia

Pomegranates grown in Australia thus far are relatively free of significant pests and diseases. Fill soil loosely back in and water well.

Another factor might be that Thrive and Black Marvel are liquids and Thrive, in particular, is nitrogen-rich so will encourage leafy growth. Can you tell me where can I buy it.

when do pomegranates ripen in australia

Wonderful — Possibly the most popular pomegranate in the world, Wonderful is, simply put, wonderful! They can be stored up to a week at room temperature.