What happened to country singer travis tritt

Having to spend all those years — and all that money — in litigation was a big gamble for Tritt, one he knew that might diminish or even end his career. What the F has happened to Travis Tritt? Travis Tritt started singing as a child, performing in a children's choir at his church.

Tritt became a starving artist of sorts, playing small gigs at halls and bars. But before long, Tritt ended his marriage and quit his position.

what happened to country singer travis tritt

With a desire to involve himself more with music, he soon joined the band at his church. Twice-divorced, Tritt wed third wife Theresa Nelson in 1997. He got his first guitar when he was eight years old and taught himself how to play this instrument.

The album sold millions of copies, joining the ranks of such country stars as Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.

what happened to country singer travis tritt

His only record under Category 5, it ranked in at number thirty-one on the US Top Country Chart and at number 190 on the Billboard 200. Arrives After Six-Year Hiatus. Saw him at a casino 10 miles down the road about a year ago. Some industry experts didn't know what to make of his rock-influenced sound, but listeners definitely liked what they heard.

After collaborating with Davenport for a few years, the singer put together a demo album which he then sent to representatives of the Warner Bros.

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Connect With Gazette. I would love to go in the opposite direction and do something that had very little production to it. Since his humble beginnings, he has released eighteen full-length albums and forty three singles.

CMT News. While Tritt has definitely built a name for himself in the country music world, he is also in fact, an accomplished actor. Want to know more about Travis Tritt?

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With the help of Danny Davenport, an executive at Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved.

what happened to country singer travis tritt

Following his high school graduation, Tritt worked several odd jobs including at a furniture store. Replies 0. They have enabled me to go out and keep a very, very busy tour schedule.