Turkish kangal vs pitbull who would win

turkish kangal vs pitbull who would win

Reading these comments makes me angry and sad for humanity... Please dont forget about the American Akita... Just be careful not to anger this gentle giant. You guys should think about your statements.

bully kutta vs pitbull fight

Pro tosa breederlaught.. Dumbass there is no bully kutta in that fight bully kuttas are 3x the size of pits. Your email address will not be published.

turkish kangal vs pitbull who would win

Its too bad we cant match the kangal with a dog that weighs 275lbs and has a bite force of 1500 psi because they dont exist. And Kang less are great dogs,but I have even seen them get their asses handed to them by a lesser of a dog mutt 45 lbs lighter in weight and no pedigree. And shit bull is diferent breed than pit bull,dont look a turkish videos with shit bulls!


American Pitt Bull Terrier 3. I have the experience to back up what im saying. And there are many dog breeds neck to neck if trained properly. O but that was the only time I ever seen a dogo beat a C. In the article they admitted that the Americans had a better fighting dog and that was the pit bull terrier.

Kangal VS Pitbull 2018 | Pitbull VS Kangal 2018 | Aspin

Mike Tyson didnt fight featherweights... People love to make up b. Kangal cao and co tosa have killed many Pitts fact everybody's knows this is true PITT pound for pound but not every time I seen kangals the same size as PITT kangal stil won same as rott vs pitt. All are great dogs,but none are better then the others.

The boerboel is a mix of mastiff and bull dog already.

Which would Win a Kangal or a Pit Bull in a Dog Fight?

Big tosa is a pit killer! Anybody that fights a Kangal, Boerboel, Tosa or any other large breed against a pitbull that is only one fourth or one fifth the size of the larger dog and then brags about it beating the pitbull is a punk jackass coward girlyboy!!! Bottom line is this...

turkish kangal vs pitbull who would win

I do agree that they are beast.. Why don't you take your bullshit lies elsewhere. Just another big as curr! Why do all you anti pit people always compare huge fighting dogs to the little pit bull? Bigger breeds have to finish earlier The pit bull is like the wolverine built and equipped to take down beast three times its size. Pitbull vs Rottweiler German Shepherd vs Pitbull.