Surgeon simulator how to use tools

surgeon simulator how to use tools

It is really annoying for the left kidney. Store Page. View mobile website. For some of you who like to be master surgeons such as moi I have all 72 of the original achievements , you may have trouble trying to speedrun certain operations or do some under a certain amount of time losing a certain amount of blood.

These tools can be useful and horrible,there are always two syringes in the surgeries,one has green liquid in it and the other has blue,the green syringe will slow blood loss when stabbed into the patient,while the blue one increases blood loss.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The tweezers are used to push organs around without hurting the patient.

surgeon simulator how to use tools

They can also be used in the Eye Surgery to impale the eyes but this will hurt the patient. As fast as you can, grab the hammer and rub it all over the ribcage.


Good luck! It also can smash the goggles in the Eye Surgery, as well as popping the eyeballs out by hitting Bob's temples. Cancel Save. Per page: The laser is extremely difficult to use because it can cause a LOT of bleeding.

Using it to cut off the eyes in the iPad version grants the achievement "Lumberjack". They can also be used to poke the new eyes, so that the new eyes can be slotted into position. Hello, fellow surgeon, and welcome to the Surgeon Simulator Surgery Guide.

surgeon simulator how to use tools

Still need answers? However, the hammer causes tons of blood loss and should be used for speedruns only, unless you just wanna go back to the old times and smash off his skull millions of times.

Well, first time you play without spoilers by reading or watching any videos or screenshots, you need to experiment.

All rights reserved. I mean, I'm starting to turn into Dr. Want to add to the discussion? Or is the aim of the game simply to knock stuff over and laugh about it?

Follow the procedures you already read at the beginning of this guide. The Hammer is still useful however, in case you throw away the best tool again, in my opinion for cutting open ribcages. No controls page where i can even find out what the flip im supposed to do and non tutorial, serious WTF. Grab the new kidneys and place them in the holes.