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He even offered to accompany the prize to the engravers to ensure that nothing happened to it.

Emotional Friends Fantasy Football Rift Threatens to Rip League Apart

So exciting! Can you believe the bad luck?

matthew berry howard stern wife alison

Will has built his life around goofing on JD, so he was incensed when the professional TV-watcher won the league last year.

But the thing I like the most?

matthew berry howard stern wife alison

Share this: And here to defend The Talented Mr. Jason, according to smart guy Jon Hein, is terrible at Fantasy Football.

matthew berry howard stern wife alison

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Skip to content. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. The Emotional Friends Fantasy Football members sans Lisa Ann convened once again in Howard's studio Wednesday morning to address a growing rift that has been threatening to rip the league apart.

Like this: Matt is so dedicated to his craft, you guys.

Breaking Down Fantasy Football with Matthew Berry

Hells Yes! Matthew Berry, or as he calls me, The Current Mrs. Scott, it was alleged, takes the full ninety seconds to make his pick, then will often pick someone who has already been drafted.

matthew berry howard stern wife alison

Why is a woman like KFC? This was really really bad. Do you get it? You should see some of the things he makes me do under that studio desk!

matthew berry howard stern wife alison

In a surprising turn, Rapaport was allowed to remain in by a six-to-three vote after JD revealed he probably wouldn't leave the league even if Michael remained—despite his previous assertions—causing Will Murray to tip the scales in the actor's favor. Oh yeah, Matt!