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To know if you have type 2 diabetes, watch out for common symptoms, like unexplained weight loss, blurry vision or vision change, increased thirst and need to urinate, fatigue, and tingling or numbness in your hands or feet. If you're at higher risk, you may be tested during your first prenatal visit and then again in the second trimester.

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Obesity plays an important part in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance, which is commonly seen in T2DM patients. Yang, C. It is one of the most costly complications of diabetes, especially in communities with inadequate footwear. Treatment Controlling these other risk factors along with blood glucose can prevent or delay cardiovascular complications.

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Suspect type 1 diabetes with sudden symptoms. Diabetes is a significant health problem worldwide, and its association with cardiovascular disease CVD was reported in several studies. Eat more foods high in healthy proteins and fats saturated fats [34] , omega-3 and omega-9 polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats.

Duckworth, C. Diehm, H. It's important to face the fact that diabetes is a disease of complications, many of which are preventable—if you know what to do. These are very concerning symptoms for possibly having diabetes. During pregnancy.

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Edelstein, S. Seshasai et al. As for skin problems, washing with a mild soap, thoroughly drying after bathing, applying a lotion, and drinking lots of fluids can help prevent over-dryness and skin irritation.

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