How to boresight a scope

You will want to center the target in the bore, then without moving the rifle, adjust the scope so the center of the reticle is on the same target. Getting Closer to Target — Recheck the settings by taking another look through the rifle bore and the scope cross hairs.

Did this article help you? Obtain a good sight picture with the front sight, keeping the gun level. This article has also been viewed 147,961 times. A birds nest in a bare tree, or a light brick in a brick wall, something like that.

how to boresight a scope

In other words, you want to visually match the position of the center of the bore with the center of the optic. Get on Paper: Mount the scope on the rifle if you haven't already. Also, they are light on the pocketbook, as ammunition is affordable.

how to boresight a scope

Select a safe object approximately 100 yards away that the rifle can be pointed at. Open the action if it is a single shot rifle, or remove the bolt from the rifle if it is a bolt action.

Freshly Mounted ScopeWith the bore of the rifle sighted directly on the target, the cross hairs of the scope will likely be off target until you adjust them. Nikki thoroughly enjoys her role as co-host of Winchester Life.

Learning requires repetition, and […]. Recreational Shooting. To bore sight with a laser bore sighting tool, fit the laser unit into the barrel of an unloaded gun and turn on the laser, usually via a rotating knob on the body of the bore sighting device.

how to boresight a scope

Most modern rifles come with screw hole pre-drilled and tapped for scope mount installation. If your rifle is not already equipped with hardware for mounting a scope, you will need to install scope mounts. It's also important to make sure you have enough eye relief that the scope will not contact your face due to recoil.

Boresighting a Rifle

See Step 1 for more information. My gun fell out of the gun stand and landed on the floor that had a rug. Every rifle barrel is different. This will save you time, money and frustration.

how to boresight a scope

No, it is best done if you have a bore sighting laser and fix the scope on the laser point at the desired distance.