How many cell phones worldwide

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. United Arab Emirates 13,775,000 2012 62.

how many cell phones worldwide

Affordability, content relevance, and digital literacy are likely bigger inhibitors to mobile internet adoption than a lack of network infrastructure is. Yemen 13,900,000 2012 61.

how many cell phones worldwide

Montserrat 4,000 2012 215. Premium Account.

Two-thirds of the world's population are now connected by mobile devices

The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. French Polynesia 226,000 2012 181. Angola 9,800,000 2012 81. Moldova 4,080,000 2012 121.

how many cell phones worldwide

Tunisia 12,840,000 2012 69. South Africa 68,400,000 2012 20.

More people around the world have cell phones than ever had land-lines

Israel 9,225,000 2012 85. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 135,500 2012 188. For more information, please visit the GSMA corporate website at www.

how many cell phones worldwide

Malaysia 41,325,000 2012 31. Subscribe to Independent Minds to debate the big issues Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

how many cell phones worldwide

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Mobile phone users worldwide 2015-2020

Big Mac index - global prices for a Big Mac 2018. Egypt 96,800,000 2012 17. Estonia 2,070,000 2012 146.