George shearing somewhere over the rainbow

george shearing somewhere over the rainbow

I'm not sure if we ripped off any particular arrangement, or not.... Morizzle Platinum Member Registered: JeffLearman ]. It transitions into Db from C , and has a four chord kaleidoscopic ending that spirals off of the final melody note. Dave Ferris ]. Thanks for the lesson, Dave! I've had problems in the past with people not being able to.

george shearing somewhere over the rainbow

DaveMcM ]. I have that book and the other 4 volumes too. For solo arrangements of this tune, Oscar Peterson's is also very nice, and has been published in one of his transcription books.

George Shearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lyrics

You are not logged in. Rhode Island. I write something almost everyday that I wouldn't mind sharing.

george shearing somewhere over the rainbow

At least ones that hold their own just fine as written. BluMunk Gold Member Registered: I did this back many moons ago in the early days of the Reharm thread. Originally Posted By: I've got that sheet music and learned it early in my life as a musician. It's not a reharm in the traditional sense all the way through , although it is at the top of the last 8 , but more about the voicings.

Over the Rainbow Sheet Music by George Albert Shearing

Switch to Threaded Mode. And then we just sat there and stared at the music for a while, since it was so stunning. And when I saw the look on her face and the way her breathing changed when I hit those chords, I said a silent "thank you" to that instructor. I used that rearm on the last A section.

It's even pretty accessible, as Oscar's stuff goes.

I did that early on with quite a few examples. Al Quinn Platinum Member Registered: Dave Ferris. This thread inspires me to dig out that book and starting fresh on it.